Why Keemstar Will Be the Richest Man Alive.

Creating drama is now going to be a very profitable business because of Bitclout and the CRD Network.

Who’s getting cancelled today on social media? That question remains a mystery to most people, except Keemstar.

In case you’ve been living under a Wi-Fi free rock, Keemstar is the host of the controversial drama channel called Drama Alert, wherein he makes a habit of showing Influencers in the most unflattering light possible. If you look at his Wikipedia entry his “Conflicts and controversies” section is bigger than the rest of his entry combined, which is a good indication of the type of public figure that he is.

Yet, this direct involvement in a lot of the internet drama often leads him to determine where the social media attention turns to. In years prior, this mainly meant that he could earn money from people curious about gossip who clicked on his show. But now, an entirely new era is opening before him.

BitClout is a social network that lets you speculate on people and posts with real money. What the application does is to turn someone’s social media presence into a tradable coin known as a “Creator Coin”. These coins work much in the same way that a stock would — if people like a creator it goes up in value, and if they don’t, it goes down.

However, the similarities between Creator Coins and stocks don’t end there. The CRD Network is extending the Creator Coin’s functionality by providing financial instruments based on them, like loans, deposits, credit cards with Creator Coins as cashback, and even short selling.

This last one is quite interesting, as it would allow Keemstar to earn a fortune with his ability to create and magnify drama. Put simply, a short sale is when someone gets lent an asset, then they immediately sell it and repurchase it at a later date, irrespective of what the price is, to give the asset back to those that gave it to him. This is typically done by people who are confident in their belief that an asset is going to go down, and thereby they profit from the difference between the price they initially sold it at, and what they paid to get it back.

In other words, given that Keemstar has the ability to consistently start a chain of events that negatively impact the brand of various influencers, he could start putting short sales on the people he makes content about. Consequently, if his campaigns are successful, he would earn A LOT of money out of this new functionality with Creator Coins and short selling.

If Keemstar plays his cards right, he has the potential to become a very rich man in the years to come!



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