December: CRD Tech Update

CRD Network
1 min readDec 12, 2021

Hi everyone, a quick summary of where we are now and what’s coming next!
Soon we will share a more detailed roadmap with you — stay tuned!

Q4 update:

  • Launched partnership with ChainLink, which introduced a new type of Oracles: KYC & Compliance.
    See the announcement.
  • Now ChainLink Oracle allows dApps to verify if a certain ETH address passed KYC with CRD Network. Data is available in ETH and Polygon (MATIC) networks.
    CRD Chainlink Node.
  • Developed and published Telegram KYC Bot which allows you to pass KYC & verify your ETH address to become Defi-Compliant. Bot is integrated with our backend and Hyperledger Besu.
    Pass Your KYC!
  • Launched CRD Network KYC Airdrop (via TG Bot).
    To incentivize early adopters of Proof-of-KYC protocol we will be providing 10500 CRD for passing KYC and verifying ETH address
    Get Your KYC Airdrop!
  • Updated CRD Network whitepaper: Read about KYC Compliant DeFi & Proof of Reserves.
    Read CRD Whitepaper.

Q1 Plans:

  • Developing Fiat >< Crypto flow
  • Getting listed on CEXes
  • Establish partnerships with different Oracles
  • Lending.