CRD Network Tech Roadmap

CRD Network
2 min readDec 13, 2021

CRD Network merges DeFi with real-world data, including financial history, real asset prices and compliance data by creating a GDPR and AML compliant environment that lessens the points of friction between a DeFi participant and the future of finance.

CRD Network, built on Hyperledger Besu ensures that any major transactions and sets of data (like KYC data) are stored in an immutable manner.

The Network’s compliant infrastructure enables interoperability between onchain and offchain transactional and KYC data. The Network gives dApps a plug-and-play solution for meeting the needed legal requirement around current and upcoming KYC regulations across blockchains and allowing decentralized protocols to access offchain data such as credit score, proof of asset reserves, and transactional data around specific wallet addresses.

With the CRD node, users can now pass their KYC once and have access to decentralized protocols without having to pass the KYC multiple times.

Furthermore, CRD Network is able via its regulated custody contributors to offer an aggregated service of proof of physical asset reserves allowing to broadcast a single source of truth related to a single public key linked to a single KYC record.

At CRD Network, we aim to bridge the data gap between on-chain data and the offline economy.

Below you can find a quick overview of what we launched so far, as well as plans for Q1 2022:

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