CRD Network
3 min readJan 24, 2022

Through’s CRD Network (CRD) price page, you can now directly access CRD’s RSS news feed. This feature will enable users to obtain the latest news and updates on CRD Network, the world’s leading blockchain-based platform for DeFi regulation. users can stay on top of the latest updates regarding CRD’s products and services in addition to access to the latest CRD price, trading volume, live charts and market capitalization data.

CRD Network — Bringing Real World Asset Value to Blockchain.

CRD Network is a sidechain that runs on Hyperledger Besu, an enterprise blockchain on Ethereum. The aim of the project is to bring real-world data onchain in order to bridge the divide between decentralized and centralized finance. This data includes financial history, banking transactions and real world asset value. Once on the blockchain, it will be completely anonymous and can be used by Oracles, smart contracts and dApps.

Using a range of CRD Nodes and APIs to operate, CRD also aims to bring KYC compliance to DeFi. The biggest issue in the crypto market is its lack of regulation. With CRD contributors already being fully licensed, they can help DeFi users pass their KYC check to confirm they’re legitimate investors and contributors. This will help to reduce the problem of cryptocurrency being used for unethical practices and will keep everyday users safe. All of this is achieved without revealing the identity of the user and can be used across blockchains without the need for third-party KYC checks.

To allow real-world applications to be applied faster in the DeFi market, CRD uses digital proof of physical asset reserves. This allows CRD to establish full transparency when it comes to ownership of an asset. As a result, it removes the need for countless intermediaries during transactions. Additionally, it guarantees borderless transactions which removes the problem of borders during real-world asset lending and borrowing. Therefore, it has the potential to be adopted globally to streamline such processes.

This procedure also has several additional benefits. CRD guarantees an immutable origination, meaning it doesn’t change over time. This will help reduce the costs of audits, compliance and QC and save businesses thousands in the process. Therefore it will reduce the overall costs of deals, with smart contracts bringing an instant certainty to assets.

With the DeFi industry coming under scrutiny for its lack of regulation, CRD is providing a solution. Its technology could help make the market safer for users, whilst simplifying the way businesses interact.


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